Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weight Watchers' Weekly Weigh In

I was away for the weekend, having a fabulous time with my girls (I'll share some photos soon).  Therefore, I didn't have a chance to share my Weekly Weight Watchers Weigh In.  Last Friday, at my weigh in, for some reason, I just thought I might have a gain...simply based on how my body felt.  I didn't "feel" any smaller.  Strange but true. I often "feel" it when I'm getting smaller or larger even in small amounts.  It was no true surprise when I stepped on the scale and she said you are up a little bit, .8 of a pound.  Hmmmm?  I could feel it but I still wondered.  Afterall, I tracked every single thing I put in my mouth and I didn't even use up my 49 extra weekly points.  How could this be???  I mentioned it to my WW Leader.  She asked if I was reply...yes, very!  Her suggestion, "You've got to eat more.  You should eat your daily points plus, as well as your 49 weekly points plus."  Wow!  How about more to weigh less!

Although, I find my current menu and level of eating quite satisfying, I have to try to add more to my plate.  I do think this will be a challenge...except during those weeks when I eat out several times during the week.  She suggested I add more protein, which keeps you satiated.  Well...hanging out with the girls over the weekend, I'm sure I ate those 49 points!  I tracked everything and did not go over the 49.  I'll be weighing in on Saturday and I hope the scale cooperates.  Stay tuned...

As for the meeting, the topic for the week was to Set Up Your Environment for Success.  This can mean many things from setting up a place and time for exercise or setting up your kitchen for optimal success.  Here are a few suggestions made during the meeting:
  • Purge tempting foods that can sabotage your efforts.
  • Set up a cabinet that is just for you, with your healthy eating foods/snacks.
  • Place the healthy items at eye level.
  • Make exercise easy by buying equipment, dvds etc.  
  • Make workout wear easily accessible. 
  • Plan your day to automate your eating.
Great ideas???  YES!  I've done all of the above and they have been essential to my success.

Have you tried any of the above?  If yes, which ones?  If not, I challenge you to try at least one over the next week and tell me how it worked for you.  I'm sure you'll be delightfully, surprised.

Have a happy, HEALTHY week!

...the formerly, morbidly obese shopping, scrapping, healthy living DIVA...

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