Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Excuses! Push Yourself to Reach New Heights!

I am so often asked if a class is hard(at the gym).  I wonder if people are only looking for easy classes with minimal results???  I also get asked how did I lose weight?  Which often follows with but it was hard, right?  Again, it seems people are constantly looking for the easy way out.  We don't want to put for the effort to be healthier, to love ourselves a bit more.  However, people are willing to drive a long distance for a scoop of ice cream, that perfect slice of cake, to bring home a pizza...but please don't ask me to get my heart rate up a bit or do something that might actually take a bit effort for my own health.  That is one of the things I love most about my husband.  He is always up for a challenge...whether it's pushing himself to new heights in exercise or to make healthier food choices or to eat slower!  LOL!  He is always willing to give it a try...if the results are for better health, a better life for him or for us.  He truly inspires me!

Last weekend, I had the joy of watching him take part in a boot camp for the first time.  The great thing about it, while I noticed that many of the other participants were not completing the tasks and just moving on to the next exercise, he was determined to do each exercise and complete each exercise.  Although, they would name the fastest, he was not interested in simply coming in first, if it meant not competing fairly or completely.  At the end of this challenge, I was absolutely overwhelmed with LOVE and ADMIRATION for him!  He is such an AWESOME person!  

Here are a few pictures I snapped along the way!

As a show of my pride and JOY I wanted to give him my own reward for a job well done.  Therefore, I told him I would cook ANY meal he could think of...afterall, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  LOL!  He asked for Veggie Lasagne...which I've never made before.  However, I was willing to give it a try.  I made it the next day...not too bad for a first timer.   He LOVED it!  Although, it was good there are a few things I'll do differently next time and I'll be sure to share the recipe, as soon as I give it a second shot.

Anyway, his enthusiasm motivates me.  He is always aiming high.  You too should give it a try, afterall, it's for YOU!  Push a little harder in your next class, walk a few steps further on your next walk, eat an extra vegetable or piece of fruit tomorrow and one less bag of chips or cookie.  Give health in small bits a try and keep adding those small bits...the results will be BIG! happiness and in health,

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