Sunday, September 11, 2011

4 inch heels and a new dress!

Did I say, 4 inches?  Yes, I did!  Not only did I rock these for my friends wedding but I even danced in them and survived!  For the first time EVAH!  Woohoo!

As a girl who previously weighed over 280lbs I NEVER wore heels.  They hurt like hell!  For me it was not fun at all.  I LOVED flats and had a closet full.  However, now I have a tough time wearing perfectly flat shoes. I need some sort of heel.  They make me feel sexy!

Here I am in my heels and the new dress I bought yesterday morning (for less than $20) before the wedding.  At this size shopping is so much fun again!

Speaking of shopping...I picked up my dress at Ross!  I LOVE Ross.  I can go in, go straight to my size and pick up tons of items I like and head to the dressing room.  On this day, I tried on 21 dresses and came home with 4 for only $67!  For me that was a good day!

What is your go to store?  Where do you like to shop and save?

Be happy. Be healthy. Be creative


  1. Whew Tiare! You're braver than I am, girl! But you look really nice! Glad you were able to "kick your heels up" and have some fun!!

  2. Tiare,
    You look beautiful! Keep rocking the pretty dresses and high heeled shoes.

  3. I'm Loving this Flirty You!!! Work it! I must say I wasn't a fan of the dress on the hanger but, I Love it on YOU!!!



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