Thursday, September 15, 2011

I got my ass kicked!

Yes, I did. Last night in Total Conditioning with Wendy Street Lindy at Life Time Fitness, Mountain Brook!

What is Total Conditioning you ask:

Combine full-body resistance training with continuous cardio training and you get Total Conditioning. This intense athletic workout uses a variety of equipment and cycle activity with built-in recovery for an efficient, easy-to-follow workout. Note: You'll want to master "Strictly Strength" before moving on to Total Conditioning. 

We did 6 sets of push-ups, triceps, biceps, lunges, squats, core work!  Total body workout!  This class is NO joke and one of my absolute favorites.  Although, I am super sweaty, breathing heavy and ready to just go somewhere and spread out on the floor afterwards and I am often looking at the teacher like...what the _____?  At the same time, I also feel energized, healthy and oh so happy that I can actually get through this class and keep up with the best of them.  To come this far in 2 years is still amazing to me.  I have such a big, new found respect and love for exercise and a body in motion.  This is AWESOME!  And I am proof that it can be done!

I started my journey simply walking 30 minutes a day.  Start small and make your way slowly but surely to bigger goals.  If I can too!

Do you exercise?  What do you do to keep your body in motion?


  1. You go girl! I'm just walking now but I'm working towards getting in tougher workouts as I continue to lose weight. Thanks for all of your inspiration. Your story is amazing. You look great.

  2. This is awesome, Tiare! Well, I've fallen off the exercise wagon (more like under the wagon at this moment), but when I'm on and going strong I enjoy Zumba, Crossfit, biking, and walking! Thank you for the inspiration to get movin' again!!!



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