Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drink water and lose 15.5lbs!!!

That's the number of pounds dieters lost over a 3 month period. Those who drank 2 glasses of water before meals saw a 44% increase in weight loss compared with those who didn't.  According to researchers, starting a meal with water shrinks your appetite so you consume fewer calories.

I always have water before my meals and surely I feel full/satisfied sooner!  This also ensures I get in my water for the day.  Therefore, it can't give it a try.  

Source: Prevention Magazine.

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  1. Thanks, for the tip, Tiare! I lost 27 pounds, last year, & have 17 left to reach my goal. I'm going to try to put this into practice, to see if I can reach my goal much addition to increasing the # of exercise days per week.

    Sharon Scott (ScrapsofColor member)

  2. This is such a great idea. What a way to make sure you get your water in and reduce your hunger at the same time. Making it my habit starting today.



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