Friday, November 19, 2010

7 months at or BELOW my goal weight

On Tuesday, November 16, I celebrated 7 months at or below my goal weight!  So happy to be here and maintaining my lost weight!   In celebration of this super day, I bought myself a new sweater.  I wore it to work yesterday and received tons of compliments.   Yay!    Learning to shop all over again is sometimes, challenging.  Not always sure of my choices or the outfits I put together but I always get lots of I must be doing ok.  Just gotta stop worrying about it and simply enjoy my new buys and my new body!  

As I have stated before, not only did I give myself rewards throughout my weight loss journey, I am rewarding myself for the rest of my life for being at or below my goal weight. For now my rewards come every month on the 16th of the month.  Last month it was a scrap goodies and in September it was a manicure.  Hmmm?  What wonderful treat will December hold?  It's going to be a fun month, my birthday, then a weight loss gift and then Christmas.  It will be a fun month of celebrations!  Yay!

How will you reward yourself?  Here is how I rewarded myself during my journey.

Over 120 lbs down and loving it!

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  1. WTG Tiare! Love that sweater.
    Will you bedoing the 90 day challenge again in the New Year? I started off so well but then life (in the form of a terminally ill father and five weeks away from home) got in the way.
    I'm home again now and gradually getting back my scrapping rhythm and hopefully my will power with regard to food.
    Sue xx

  2. That is fabulous! You look absolutely amazing and your dress is just too cute! I think it's a fab idea that you reward yourself each month...when I finally do the right thing and actually start meeting my goals I will reward myself with scrap goodies!

  3. Congratulations on 7 months at or below your weight goal! You are truly an inspiration!

  4. WAY TO GO!!!!!! I am celebrating, too. I've been at goal since summer, and below goal for 10 weeks now! Loving it. No new sweaters, though: I need pants that won't fall off!

  5. You look absolutely phenomenal. You must be very proud of your accomplishment. I'm rooting for you!!!



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