Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's on your checklist?

We all have them, the inevitable to do list.  Groceries, pick up the kids, wash the car, do laundry, drop of Janie, complete homework, etc..  But what about you?  What about your well-being?  What things do you do daily that help you stay healthy and happy?  Do you have a list or do you just do whatever comes next without a care?  Do you have a routine that you follow?  Perhaps, you are not even aware that you actually do have a list.  Think about it.  What things do you do daily that help you stay healthy and happy?  Share.

What I came up with for myself.  I do these daily without fail:
Gentle Stretching
Plan & eat healthy meals
Connect with friends online
Sit down for dinner and conversation with dh.
Chat with family/friends by phone and/or in person.

Although I don't do the following daily they are important to my well being: spend time with my girls(scrapbooking, retreats, dinner out, hanging out), hang out/go on dates with my dh, scrapbook, enjoy the outdoors.

Not only do these things bring me joy but they help me stay grounded and focused.  They keep love, health and happiness in the front of my life.

Now it's your turn?  How do you keep yourself happy and healthy?

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  1. After giving this some thought, my list is centered more around my family and household. I guess I need to make a list for me. :)



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