Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My 1st Little Black Dress - The Anniversary Recap

Just last week I shared our anniversary dining out plans, as well as my healthy tips for eating out.  Well, I just had to come back and give you an update.  It was our first time at this restaurant and boy what a FANTASTIC choice.  I had decided that I wanted to photograph the meal this year, instead of just us for my scrapbook layout.  What a perfect place for photos.  It was beautiful inside, the waitstaff was wonderful and the meal delicious.  I was so involved with the atmosphere, the love of my life and the yummy food that I almost completely missed taking photos of the event!  LOL!

We started our meal out with a yummy plum tomato, basil and garlic flatbread.  It came out warm and sliced.  We ate the whole thing before I realized, I hadn't taken one picture.  Ooooops!  After asking way too many questions about the menu I finally decided on the Grilled Turkey Skewer, with veggies and orzo salad.  My dh chose Sea Scallops with asparagus and sun-dried tomato pasta.  Remember, one of the reasons we chose this restaurant is their menu boasts items from the Farmer's Market, fresh and in season.  It also features meals appropriately portioned and nothing on the menu is over 500 calories.  Wow!

When the food arrived it looked yummy!  Beautifully, presented.  We couldn't wait to try our main course and so we did and before we knew it...they were half eaten and guess what? No picture!  LOL!  Well, after having the flatbread and 1/2 of my Turkey Skewer, I was done and wanted to take the other 1/2 home...but before we packed it up...I snapped a photo.  It tells half the story...LOL!  However, half is better than nothing at all.

Keeping in line with appropriate portions, they serve what they call mini indulgences for dessert.  Oh my, just a perfect little taste of something decadent!  Small enough that you won't feel guilty but big enough that you won't be mad.  We both chose the Fresh Carrot Cake. Simply delicious.  I did snap a photo of the dessert.  Therefore, all was not lost.

We ended the evening with a few silly self pictures at home.

And last but not least a picture of me in my 1st little black dress.  You see earlier when shopping and I reached the cash register with a skirt and dh steps up and pays and says, "Happy Anniversary." I say, "thanks, but I don't have a gift for you." (We don't usually do gifts, just dinner out.)  His reply, "Yes, you did. You gave me the gift of you.  The gift of a healthier you."   Once again, my heart is full and the silly girl in me I say, "that's sweet.  I'm sure you like the slimmer, sexier me too."  Yep...I bet he does...she looks "sexy" in that little black dress!  LOL!  And this is the first time EVAH that I have worn one.  Yay!

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  1. That meal looks yummy! And you look fabulous in your little black dress.
    You've made me decide that a "little" black dress is one of my goals.
    Sue xx

  2. Now I know why they call it HOTLANTA!! Girl you are on FIRE!!!! :)

  3. Congrats girl... you look wonderful you are such an inspiration When I grow up I want to be just like you :-)

  4. Meal looks delicious, even the half of it, :D I saw orzo in the storee and wondered the difference between it and rice.

  5. Your hubby is so sweet :)
    Your meal looks delish.
    Look'n good in you little black dress.

  6. God bless you! I've never left a comment on a blog before, but just had to congratulate you on all of your hard work. You are truly an inspiration! Best Wishes!



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