Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where are My Panties?

Whenever I do the laundry, I don't fold and put my clothes away, right away.  Typically, I just lay them on the bed to fold and hang later.  I lay my husband's out, as well for him to put away when he gets home.  Well, the other day, he happened to grab the laundry and put all of his stuff away before I did.  When I went to put mine away, I was thinking where are my black panties? I know I bought two pair. (I wash before I wear).  So, I asked my dh(dear husband), "Did you see my black panties?"  No, he says.  Are you sure, I ask.  Yep.  Hmmmm?  That's strange.  So of course, I go check the washer and dryer, no black panties.  I say, could you check to see if you accidentally, put them in your drawer?  Afterall, he is a man and doesn't pay that much attention to the details.  LOL!  Well, what do you know, sure enough he had picked them up and placed them in his drawer.  Yes, I scream with glee!  And I just giggle out loud.

Why so overjoyed, you ask?  They're just a pair of black panties?  Well, the story is so much more.  You see my dh has his own black underwear but for him to completely not notice is rare.  Why?  You said he was a man and it was typical to miss the details.  However, it's not so typical when your panties are more like BLOOMERS...which is what he once lovingly called them, big drawers...whatevah!  He would never have mistaken my big briefs for his own.  You see now they are cute little panties!  Woohoo!

Another fun reason to lose weight! No more BIG bloomers!


Leave me a comment.  Holla at ya girl!


  1. Thanks for the smile!

  2. ROFL

    Sometimes it's the little things that make us giddy!

  3. Loved that..and so true. It's the little things that make such a difference. They movitate and put a "sticky notice" in your head to remind you of why you are on this journey.

  4. I just saw your story on and was really inspired. The thing about the panties is as women we can pretend we are NOT a certain size by what WE see, but the real truth shouter, not teller, shouter is underwear. If you have a pair that really fits across your behind and you can (what I call the fold test), fold them more than once, like they fit into 3 parts so you fold them with each side over the middle instead of just folding them in half, then your butt is probably big and you need to lose some weight.
    I realized this when I got ready to get in the shower and took mine off. As they sat on the bathroom floor where I stepped out of them, I looked again and they looked huge. I know I have to lose weight (working on it now & this blog just made sure I get my big butt out to walk this morning on a day I normally wouldn't.
    Thank you for the inspiration.



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