Saturday, August 28, 2010

Size 6? What did you say??? I'm so confused!

Seeing myself as small or smaller than I am is truly taking some getting use to.  I think I'm a size 10.  I buy a size 10...but I realize that some of those size 10 items are not quite right. Maybe just a little too big which for me at this time is a bit unbelievable.  I mean I spent most of my adult life in sizes 16-28.  Thinking in single digits is not coming easily to me.

My friend, Melissa has said to me on many occasions that I need to try everything on and a variety of sizes.  Well, I'm learning this ever so slowly but surely.  Most of the time I just cannot imagine being any smaller than a 10!  However, I do like the sound of the single digit numbers.  I'm a size 8!  Wow!  That felt good.

I recently, forced myself to head to the size 8's and as you know bought my first pair of skinny jeans.  I returned a few days later and bought 3 more pairs of jeans.  All size 8 and I think a great fit.  I promptly shared my joy over my first pair of skinny jeans here and on Facebook.  Just after posting my photos my friend and neighbor Kim called and said she had a pair of jeans for me, size 6.  I said..size 6...I can't fit a size 6.  Her response, well if you can fit an 8 you can probably fit this size 6, they are a little bigger.  Interestingly, enough...they are slender fit jeans.  Hmmmmm?  So, I say, "Ok but I doubt if they'll fit, but I'll come over in a few days and try them on."

A few days later, I head over to try them on and guess what?  You guessed it...a perfect fit!

Size 6.  I guess I might as well get used to the single digit, smaller sizes...looks like I'll be living here for a looooooonnnnnggg time!  Yay!

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  1. awesome!!!! i can't wait till i'm back in the single digits too!!!
    good job! thanks for the motivation =)

  2. WTG! You're looking good girl!
    Sue xx

  3. Better be careful; we don't want you to blow away!!!!!! lol

    Seriously--looking marvelous!

  4. looking good in that size 6

  5. That is wonderful and you are such an inspiration..

    You GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. SSSssss That's the sizzle from your size 6 jeans. Way to go, girl!!



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