Monday, August 16, 2010

My first pair of skinny jeans

Today, I celebrate 4 months at (actually below) my goal weight!  Yay!  I am 130lbs down and I decided to celebrate by buying my 1st pair of skinny jeans.  Woohoo!

This morning, I got up with an eager 12 year old and headed to the store and later to lunch.  She was very excited about my trying on skinny jeans.  She insisted that I buy skinny jeans and nothing else or at least no other jeans until I bought a pair of skinny jeans!  Well, what can you say, when a 12 year old keeps telling you how good you look in the jeans...well you know you've got to buy the jeans!  LOL!  So I did! SIZE 8!!!!  Woohoo!

Here I am.  Poses, also encouraged by that same 12 year old!  My niece, Ayanna.  LOL!

Happy 4 months of freedom!
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  1. Go head Tiare! I rock my skinny jeans!

  2. That's so awesome, Tiare!!! So happy for you!

  3. You go girl,rock those skinny jeans!!!!You look AWESOME!!!!

  4. Love the skinny jeans - just wish i could wear them - but, my calves are too big for those :( You rock them!!! Great for you !!! Whooohooo!!!

  5. Gotta love her! She steered you in the right direction. Great to see you again. You look fabulous.

  6. You look sooooooo GORGEOUS!!!! :-D are by far a hero!



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