Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do you need a weight loss buddy?

Do you have a weight loss buddy?  Someone you can exchange ideas with, exercise tips, recipes, emotions?  If not, consider getting one for your journey.  If you don't have one that lives near you whom you can meet with in person, consider an online weight loss buddy.  No need to go it, alone.

You can easily communicate via email or online forum.  Communicating with others who have similar goals can be a great motivator and can lead to weight loss success.

If you need a buddy we have a great community of people who are also on this journey and would be happy to share with you, support and encourage you.  By joining a forum not only can you get the support of a buddy but you can have the support of a group.  Both of which can help you achieve success on your journey.

Happiness and Health,

PS. Stay tuned for our 1st Blog Weight Loss Challenge coming Monday, Aug 9, 2010!

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