Tuesday, September 29, 2009

75lbs Gone and I Don't Want to Find It!

Confession Tuesday!  So it's been a little over a year since I lost 75lbs.  Whew!  Maintaining that loss has proven to be somewhat of a mystery!  OK...not really...but a little bit daunting at times.  
For months, I have been playing the yo-yo game and going around in circles with my commitment to me. I've thought about the changes I've made and what I have not done since reaching this first goal. Statistics show that when you get lax about your new habits you fall off the wagon.  Even though you have reached your goal it's a lifelong commitment to continue the habits that got you to your goal.
Here are a few things that got me to my goal and my confessions to were I am with them today:
Keeping all of my "red light" foods out of the house - still good with this one!  Whole foods.  No white flour or sugar items here! YES!
Exercise - Still working out and have added more days and variety to my routine!  YES! 
Sharing my journey with others and my results - NOPE, NOPE, NOPE!  Dropped off the face of the earth on this one.  I need this one.  It keeps me honest.  Getting back to this.
Journaling and sharing my journal of what is on the menu - NOPE, NOPE, NOPE!   Dropped off the face of the earth on this...not sharing it with you or myself!  I need to see what I am truly eating each day.  Lately, I've had a good dose of the munchies!  YIKES! 
No snacking and watching tv - ummmmm...trail mix, Kashi cookies, fruit...whatever sure is good while watching my favorite programs! YIKES! 
No eating while working! - Why oh why does a snack or two find it's way next to my laptop?  Hmmmm?  Perhaps it's because I find myself working in the breakfast area each day instead of in my office.  The view is wonderful and I cannot help myself....see... 
I can look right out into our back yard or just sit out on the porch.  However, it makes getting food too easy and a terrible habit.  I am currently typing this from my office!  Moved myself back upstairs.  Now to stay put.  The kitchen is for cooking and eating, not for working!
Rewards!  Gotta have rewards.  Well, I haven't rewarded myself with anything lately...so we are going back to the old reward system of $1 per pound for 1-10 pounds, $2 per pound for 11-20 pounds, $3 per pound for 21-30 pounds, $4 per pound for 31-40 pounds and $5 per pound for anything over 40.  Dh will match me all the way!  I have been playing with 7-10 pounds up/down. The reality is there is more to lose...so I need the reward system and no Lisa Renee...I will not look like a crackhead when I reach my goal!  LOL!  Or a bobblehead doll! I don't want to be thin...I want to be beautifully "thick" with everything in all the right places...nice TNA!  Ya heard me! 
Well, those are my confessions!  Feels good to admit.  Now hopefully, this is cleansing for myself and will set me on the right track.
I'm starting fresh and recommitting to me starting today!  I'll even share todays menu:
Breakfast - Organic oatmeal
Lunch - Salad (mixed greens, chicken, mandarin oranges, almonds and raisins and natural poppyseed dressing) an apple and a piece of dark chocolate.
Snack - homemade, natural mangolicious smoothie. 
Dinner - salmon, green beans and couscous. 
Dessert - Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookie 
That's the plan!  That's my journey.  That's my commitment.
Where are you on your journey?  What do you need to do to reach your goals?  Eat less, exercise more, cleanse your life of toxic people, take time for yourself?  It all comes down to loving yourself a bit more.
So who is with me?

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